Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The eyes of peoples in the world nowadays are seeing the CRISIS ON THAILAND, although it is not the only one crisis in the world today, but the news of the rebellion of the peoples called " RED SHIRT" protester to the Government itself, became a HOT NEWS, and Thailand became a HOT ZONE Country, especially in Bangkok the Capital city of Thailand.

Bangkok downtown became a raging battleground today (Wednesday, 05.19.2010). The Army and the protester are attack each others, gunshot and explosion of grenades sounds like in every corner of the battleground. Rioters set fires at the Thai stock exchange, several banks, the headquarters of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority, the high-end Central World shopping mall and a cinema complex that collapsed.

I wondered, why it always WAR, WAR, and WAR, in several parts of this MIGHTY EARTH..It's look like some of parts of the world never stopped for fighting each others. and not a few of the victims are the peoples that not expecting the war, and even not knowing what is the fighting for. Could they not solved the problem with a better way, NOT WAR???

Talking about the crisis in Thailand, both of them (the Government and the people protester) should have sit together in one table, deliberating their pretension for pint interest of the citizen. NOT only for thailand of course, WAR in PALESTINEIRAQAFGHANISTAN, Every part of this Mighty Earth on the war, should be done with a better way not always with a hard way. 

I always dreaming of a world in peace, do you?..Just like what John Lennon said in his song " IMAGINE " :

" Imagine ALL the life in PEACE "
" And the WORLD will live as ONE "

CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT ???......................................................

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